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The General consitions of use for sanctus Raphael's meetings website.

The Sanctus Raphael Agency's goal is to provide a safe environment to promote Catholic marriage by enabling people who share the same faith and same ideals of life and who want to build a family based on those beliefs to get in contact. The agency does not in any case participate in any union contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

The hereby presented general conditions of use are the rules that regulate the contract between the Saint Raphael Agency (hereafter named "the Agency") and their clients (hereafter named "the Member").
The fact that the Member clicks on the box "I certify to be of adult age and to have read and accepted the General Conditions of Use" has value of signature and complete and unrestricted adhesion to the present general conditions of use.

Article 1 : Access conditions

In order to register, the Member must be over the age of 18 and agree to obey the laws and rules regarding the use of the Agency's services.
The Member agrees that the attitude they will follow at all times will never be unruly, disrespectful, dishonorable, agressive, dishonest or contrary to acceptable behavior.
According to this rule, any false claims to be someone they are not, identity theft, lies, untruthful declarations, diffusion of political or racist slurs, any declaration deemed to be rude, defamatory, obscene, pornographic or offending to persons, privacy, institutions, current laws and regulations can be sanctioned by an interruption or cancellation of their right to access the website and the Agency's services without a refund of the membership dues paid at sign up.
Furthermore, should it be necessary, such actions will be reported to the competent authorities.

Article 2 : Different memberships options

There are five levelings of memberships to the Saint Raphael Agency's services:

1) the free option: allows the Member to create a profile, access to the search engine, to the list of new members, and to the Circle of Prayers.

2) the Discovery option: allows the Member to use all of the services proposed on the Website for one month.

3) the Quarterly option: allows the Member to use all of the services proposed on the Website for three months.

4) the Semester option: allows the Member to use all of the services proposed on the Website for six months.

5) the Yearly option: allows the Member to use all of the services proposed on the Website for twelve months.

The rates for the different options are indicated on the Website, they include all appropriate taxes and can be revised by the Agency's direction at any time.

At the expiration date of the membership, all of the options -free, Discovery, Quarterly, Semester, Yearly- are discontinued, there is no system or automatic rebill: the Member who wants to continue subscribing must register again.

The Agency reserves the right to offer promotional rates to the Members of their choice.

The table below summarizes the different options and their rates:

Discovery Option
29.90 €
1 month : 29.90€
Quarterly Option
49.90 €
3 months : 49.90€
(equivalent to 16.63€ per month, in one easy payment of 49.90€)
You save : 44%
Semester Option
69.90 €
6 months: 69.90€ 
(equivalent to 11.65 € per month, in one easy payment of 69.90€)
You save 61%
Yearly Option
89.90 €
12 months: 89.90 €
(equivalent to 7.49 € per month, in one easy payment of 89.90€)
You save: 75%


Article 3 : Information transmitted by Members

The Member publishes personal data on the website and is solely responsible for any consequences of the diffusion, including the consequences on his/her private life and the lives of their friends and family.
The Member can, at any time, change or delete the information submitted to the website by canceling his/her membership.
Making changes to a profile is free of charge.
Canceling a membership will not entitle the Member to a refund of the previously paid fees, no matter the length of membership remaining from the original subscription.

Article 4 : Responsibility

The Agency will not in any case be held responsible for the opinions expressed on the website by the Members, or by the use of the services by the members.
Furthermore, the Member will be held responsible and agrees to hold the Agency harmless in case of condemnation for their own actions.

Article 5 : Adaptations and changes to these General Conditions of Use

These General Conditions of Use can be changed or adapted at any time by the Agency. The Member's use of the Agency's services means total acceptance without any restrictions to ulterior changes or adaptations of these conditions.

Article 6 : Validation and cancellation of Member's account

6.1 - Validation
Before a profile can be visible by all members of the service, the descriptions and pictures are submitted to the Agency's moderation service which reserves the right to refuse the descriptions that would be contrary to the General Conditions of Use.
- General acceptance rules for pictures: pictures not representative of the Member, showing pets, children, countryside, several persons, "sexy" or un-clothed will be refused.
- The Agency reserves the right to change or delete the Member's account without warning or reimbursement of any paid sums.
- The Agency reserves the right to delete all content that would not be in accordance with the General Conditions of Use or that would be reprehensible in any form
- If a member falls victim to harrassment or threats, he/she may report the abuse to the Agency by using the link "Report abuse" at the bottom of the concerned profile.

6.2 - Length
Inscription is maintained as long as the Member decides to delete his/her profile.

6.3 - Cancellation
Subscription cancellation will be automatic at the end of the membership length. At the end of the membership, all the profile's information and all the information supplied by the Member will be deleted.

7 - Data property and freedom

According to the french Law nº78-17 dated January 6, 1978 regarding to the data properties, files and folders, and freedom, the Member has right to oppose (article 26 of the Law) the data that concerns him/her. The Member can demand that data be corrected, changed, clarified, updated or deleted if that data is incomplete, false, erroneous, equivocal or outdated or if the data's collection, use, communication or safekeeping is forbidden.

8 - Various dispositions, guarantees

Technically, the Agency agrees to provide as best a service as possible.
At the level of communications between Members, the Agency cannot guarantee that each Member will reach their personal goals and expectations by using the website services.

9 - Applicable law and competent court

This contract is subject to French law. In case of dispute over interpretation of this contract, its performance and/or cancellation, for any reason whatsoever, the parties shall favour an amicable settlement.
Should it not be possible to come to an agreement, the dispute shall be referred to the Court of Appeal of the complainant, if he/she is a private individual, or that of Draguignan (France), if it is a professional body.

10 - Publisher of the site

This site is published by l'Agence Saint Raphaël, Mme Elisabeth RAUSIS,
Activité domiciliée et inscrite en Suisse - no 1019476-30
TVA number: FR6643784987000021
Email address: santusraphael@sanctusraphael.com
Site declared to the CNIL: File no. 1196110.

A few recommendations :

Refrain from sharing your personal information (name, address, telephone number) before taking the time to really know your correspondent. If you decide to meet the person, please choose a public place at an hour of heavy traffic. When going to such meetings, please make sure your friends and family know where you are going and that you have your own means of transportation.



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